what we do!


Pakistan women plays a role of significant role in agriculture with participation rate of 43%. The crop and livestock production and activities carried out by both men and women and children as well as. Pesticide residue studies in rural women have shown distributed level of enzymes and metabolites and hormones with serious consequences for them and next generation.National integrated pest management (Nat.IPM) program of Pakistan agriculture research council executed a pilot study on “Pesticide risk reduction for women in Pakistan”through Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Arab Gulf Fund for united nation organization (AGFUND).

The activity was conducted in major cotton growing areas of the district: Khairpur in 2002 by establishing non formal education system.women open school (WOS) for rural women through the process of participatory learning and facilitation skills as the result the women facilitators organized themselves in to women Agriculture women Development Organization ( WADO).

Vision & Mission

To facilitate rural women ,achieving sustainable health and hygienic management agriculture skills enhancement ,non formal education ,Socio-economic Development, welfare & improved discussion making. To improve the standards of farming community through awareness and and different trainings.

Current projects:

Live Stock

Women Open Schools

Kitchen Gardening

Sewing Centers

Solar Dryer Plants

Date Processing

Our Objectives:

Health risk reduction & Hygienic improvement

Sustainable Agriculture

Socio-economic development & poverty eradication through IPM approach

Skills Development & income generation of women through establishing skill development training centers

Awareness about human rights

Struggle for increase literacy rate of women

Funding partners:


  • 2002: PARC started Nat.IPM program (Pesticide risk reduction training for women) in Khairpur.
  • 2003: AGFUND,FAO,EU, Funded to Project Pesticide Health Risk Reduction Training for women.
  • 2003: WADO- funded.
  • 2004: WDAO- registered with formal structure in social welfare act-1960
  • 2004: Environment protection agency awarded on best work on environment.
  • 2005: District government Khairpur funded a project (Health risk Reduction and income generation through WOS approach for four years.
  • 2005: NCHD- funded 50/ literacy schools
  • 2007: DCHD- support awareness on human rights
  • 2007: Nat .IPM funded to run 10 farmers field schools (FFS)
  • 2008: Nat.IPM funded to run 06 farmers field schools (FFS)
  • 2009: WADO- continue all activities on self bases
  • 2010: FAO- funded for IPLM project .
  • 2011: Children Friendly space for flood effected community
  • 2011: Provide food and clothes effected flood peoples in District: Khairpur mirs
  • 2013: Dehydration plants for date palm growers
  • 2013: 2-WOS on pesticide Risk Reduction training through IPM methodlogy
  • 2014: Kitchen Gardening Plots
  • 2015: Solar Dryer Plants
  • 2015: Stitching Centers
  • 2015: Kitchen Gardening
  • 2015: Nursery Management Training
  • 2015: Tree Plantation